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Young People Connect is a platform that seeks to connect the dots between professional/graduate qualifications with an individual's skills set. The YPC was initiated after a thoughtful and detailed study which revealed that many young people, especially undergraduates and recent graduates, do not understand the importance of possessing vocational and soft skills in today's world. Many are focused on bagging a degree and getting a white collar job. Only very few possess skill but they are fed with the challenge of combining their skills or trade with the rigors of a typical institution of higher learning in Nigeria.


To inspire young people, engage and create a platform to maximize and build skills and professionalism.


To be the leading Community where young entrepreneurs, youth leaders, change makers, young professionals, idea merchants or thought leaders, young innovators/inventors come together in order to solve societal problems, reduce unemployment and empower other young people to succeed. This will be achieved through skill acquisition programs, workshops as well as conferences.

Learn to be a professional !!

Do you have question pertaining skills and how to balance it with school?


Our words


Connect young people to their passion, talents and gifts through workshops and conferences


Change the lives of young people through skill exposition, mentorship and recreation.


reduce the number of unskillful young people, school dropout and increase employable young people.


balance the skill and school internal debate and help our audience know and understand how to succeed in their career pursuit.

Our Speakers

our Speakers

Meet Our Speakers

Grace Ihejiameazu

Founder: Ikapture Networks,
Founder: Opportunity Desk.

Tony Raphael

Lead Pastor: City church, Calabar

Ugochukwu Umeokek

Principal Consultant;
Saltcity Consulting

Ette Assam

Top Class Chif Rotisseur
Chief Mixologist


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